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Recycling & Trading Division

The purchase of scrap materials is strictly based on our company experts evaluation reports after visit and inspection of materials available at different sites. Materials will be purchased either in quantity (weight) wise or on rough estimates in retail as well as wholesale basis. We have well organized and fully equipped collection network of our own throughout the kingdom. Arrangements have been made to purchase and collect the scrap materials from all GCC countries with an aim of exporting to our clients worldwide.Collected materials are segregated and sorted on the basis of their quality, grade, and general condition at the facility in our factory yard. Our storage facility is having the capacity to store the unprocessed materials separately according to the type of material as there are various divisions such as aluminum, copper, electronics, and plastics, etc. Our factory is well equipped with modern plants to recycle all types of ferrous and non ferrous materials such as iron, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminum, household items and electronic equipment and devices. The final product is 100% free from iron which we double check with magnetic equipment and radiation testing equipment.

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